Anything if there are more than four tires that can run on the public road to
trucks, dumps, Unic, construction vehicles, special vehicles, general cars!

Flow of purchase
? We will contact you for purchase from the input form of this website.
? We will contact you in charge by e-mail or phone to the person in charge who entered.
? We will fax you a car verification.
? We will reply by e-mail about the approximate purchase price from the information of the automobile inspection certificate.
? Finally, I will visit the site to confirm the actual car and present the final purchase price.

[What is necessary at the time of purchase]
Car inspection, stamp seal proof · mandatory vehicle liability insurance certificate (we prepare by customer)
transfer certificate · power of attorney (prepare on our side)

[Payment method of the purchase amount of money]
course on the spot in the “cash” immediate payment have I!

【Procedure after Purchase】 After purchase, we will take responsibility for document procedures such as name change.
Car name verification after name change will be sent by post within 2 weeks.

Car purchasing specialty store Smile Co.

If there is a car verification, we will inform you a simple quotation of purchase price

First of all, please fill out the necessary information on the form below and let us know.

We will contact you with a fax number that will send you a car verification later.
After receiving the fax of the automobile inspection certificate, we will inform you of the approximate purchase assessment amount within a few days.

※ Only when I can convince the approximate price, I will tell the local site and tell the final purchase price after confirming the actual vehicle.
※ If you are not satisfied with the price you do not have to forcibly sell off.
※ Since we have absolute confidence in purchase price, please be assured that “I do not do persistent sales calls”.