Goods Prices

Are you really satisfied with the trade-in price?

When most companies buy trucks and dumps,
they tend to do their best to discount , but when trade-in or selling it, it tends to sell at the dealer’s wonder when it is strange .

We’ve specialized in buying trucks, dumps and heavy machinery, and we’ve heard many
stories about selling cheaply valuable trucks, dump trucks etc. at a dealer’s asking price .

The reason is “Because it is an old car”, “Because it is a car that is running quite a lot” … etc.

However, the appraisal value that your company was convinced on a daily basis is currently much different from the price that is distributed in circulation.
Even cars that can not be sold in Japan, since Japanese cars are very popular overseas, there are many things traded at high prices .
If your company has complaints / problems like the following,
please do not hesitate to request a free purchase assessment to the car purchase specialty store “Smile”.

Trade-in at a dealer can not be convinced because the price is too low.
I ordered a professional buyer to make an estimate, but it only makes two sentences. .
It was said that it can not be bought because it is a special vehicle. .
I am in trouble to dispose anyway because it does not have to be money.
It costs money to dispose. .
From the beginning I’m giving up ‘I do not have a price.’


“Smile” will surely deliver higher price than estimates of other shops!