Customer’s voice

Here is a “just one example”, but

I’d like to introduce the impressions of customers who actually sold special vehicles such as trucks, dump trucks, heavy machinery, construction vehicles and general vehicles.

  1. When introducing a new truck, we planned to trade out old trucks to dealers, but since the salesman who happened to visit happily
    said “I’m going to buy it high, please let me evaluate”, so please evaluate it to a trial When I got it
    I asked for an amount more than 200,000 higher than the dealer’s assessment . To be honest I was surprised because old cars were cheap and I thought it was a matter of course.
  2. I have been asked to use it before asking for sale. Until now, I have only issued two quotations,
    but since I have started to give estimates here as well, I am currently just asking for it.
    At first it was worried after the sale such as name change, but car verification which changed the name was sent soon.
    Now I am using it every time with confidence.
  3. As the business phone calls come like every day so far it was troublesome and I did not make it to the opponent, but just when I was about to sell a truck,
    I saw a leaflet of this company and said “persistent business is I will not do “so I asked for an assessment .
    I actually sold it in 2 weeks after reviewing the estimates of other companies without having to take any troublesome phone after assessment .
    Since I got time to consider carefully, I asked for sale pleasantly without stress.